The whole fucking point of being vegan is to help change the world for the better. Adopting a vegan lifestyle in the modern day is considered totally radical, we are considered to be aggressive and forceful, completely out of touch, alienating those around us with arrogance and annoying all the waiters in the world with questions.

It’s time to change our attitude, and it’s time to change the stigma.

Make vegan relatable, make it easy. Seriously, we need to shut the fuck up with the whole better-than-thou-I-am-an-eretheral-plant-based-princess shit. We need to stop the inner circle vegan drama.

We need to reach people.

Re-branding vegan to be mainstream instead of subculture is the way and it all starts with us powerful vegan motherfuckers! We need to take a good look at what works for the mainstream and use it to spread the message, like herpes spreads among young club-goers (imagine if 1 in 3 people were vegan like 1 in 3 have the herps!!!) lulz

Anyway, let’s make it easy, let’s make it sleazy. Join me on my sleazalicious vegan adventure! We can change the world, one fucking lemon at a time.

 ❤ Cogey from Cooking Without Carcasses

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.28.26 PM.png


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